Customer Returns: How To Nail It


Making people happy, it's pretty much what customer service is all about, and while it might not be possible to literally make all of your customers happy, you can leave them feeling good about you, your brand and your service.

Happy customers are at the heart of the retail industry, and while the sector as a whole is doing it tough, the gaps between who is performing well and who isn't are appearing to widen. One thing every retail company (and every business, organisation, network or group, for that matter) should be focused on nailing is how to deal with unhappy customers. In the retail world, we are talking customer returns.

Amongst the flood of business-centric article pitches and promo ideas that hit the GBN inbox this week was this unassuming customer service infographic. It made us smile, made us think and we thought you might like it too. It comes courtesy of

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Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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