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Innovation, entrepreneurship and business smarts are on the agenda for the launch of a new and exciting business event - Emerge Geelong. The one day event on Wednesday 24 May at The Pier in Geelong will feature a stellar list of guest speakers and a unique program. This event, open to businesses of all sizes, is part of a series of events being delivered by ICT Geelong for Skilling the Bay as part of the ‘Skilling for Business Success’ Initiative.

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Emerge Geelong will feature lightning talks, useful tips, game show quizzes, audience involvement and an on site themed art exhibition. Artist from across the region will submit their work to the event along the theme ‘Things that frustrate Us’, which aims to put a spotlight on how great ideas start. Artworks will be eligible for four sponsored prizes of $500 each.

Speaking about how ideas start, Event Manager, Todd Hubers said, “People need to find a compelling problem and draw, from their broad knowledge, a way to solve it. Find out the latest secrets to speed up your next project, and get it to market sooner. Plus many more tips from experts in a diverse range of industries, such as aged care, health, disability, retail, and more.”

“This event is open to everyone keen to look at new ways of solving problems that can lead to new business ventures. We want to amplify emotions and problems, create new ideas and share those ideas. We want Geelong to be the best at starting a new venture. Whether you have a big or small business, or thinking of starting one, the better you are, the stronger our regional economy grows.”

Heading the list of presenters for Emerge Geelong is Director of Minds at Works Jason Clarke, who will MC the event. Jason is one of the most sought-after creative minds in the country, but he thinks of himself as a Plumber of the Mind, the guy you go to when your head gets clogged.

He has worked as a lecturer teaching Innovation, Logic and Problem Solving at Melbourne Business School, in courses of his own design. He was a Guest lecturer in Innovation at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and for the Stern Business School of New York. Find out more about Jason on LinkedIn

Other presenters include Matthew Fletcher, President of Entrepreneurs Geelong, Kathy Reid, President of Linux Australia, Jennifer Cromarty President of Creative Geelong and Psychologist and Coach Nikki Smith.

Jennifer Cromarty, President Creative Geelong and Managing Director of local PR firm Tandemvox, is full of praise for this break-through concept, saying, “This is a refreshing way to learn about doing business better in Geelong. We need to think out of the box, and that’s the spirit of Emerge Geelong.”

Emerge Geelong is being delivered by ICT Geelong for Skilling the Bay. Sponsor for the event is City of Greater Geelong’s Enterprise Geelong.

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