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Fact-based decision making: it's a good thing, right? If you think so, and you own or run a central Geelong business, then give your thumbs up to data-driven local directions by jumping on to the City of Greater Geelong website and filling out the CLUE (Census of Land Use and Employment) short survey. 

The CLUE (Census of Land Use and Employment) will help to piece together local economic development information - things like the type of businesses, building size and type, number of employees, and venue and capacity measures - to help inform business and planning decisions into the future.

“The CLUE will provide vital knowledge for the City to ensure we deliver diverse and dynamic retail, commercial, social and cultural offerings for the Geelong community,” said Dr Kathy Alexander, Chair Administrator, City of Greater Geelong.

Surveyors will visit businesses in the central Geelong area (bordered by Eastern Beach, Latrobe Terrace, McKillop and Bellarine Streets) to verify current information and ask a few additional questions. We are sure you could pose a few questions of your own, such as why the central Geelong area ends at Bellarine Street?

“As the Geelong region is expected to grow to 500,000 people by 2050, we need this data from businesses to undertake some significant visioning and planning for central Geelong. The data from the census will also tie in with the City’s future investment and activity priorities as set out in Revitalising Central Geelong’s Action Plan,” said Brett Luxford, Director, Investment and Attraction, City of Greater Geelong.

The City advises that a report on broad trends will be made publicly available following the census, although individual data will remain completely confidential.

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