Coolaroo Fallout Hits Geelong Commercial Waste


Geelong businesses will need to start separating their recycling in the wake of the Coolaroo recycling plant fire as SKM Recycling announces that it will not be accepting commercial commingled recycling deliveries at the company's South Geelong site for the foreseeable future.

Corio Waste Management CEO, Mat Dicken, said the Coolaroo fire, that has been burning for more than a week and continues to smoulder, has significant consequences for the waste services industry in Victoria.

“For example, SKM Recycling’s South Geelong facility is the only facility that can accept and process commingled (mixed) recyclable material from commercial collections in the region,” he said. “This decision does not affect contracts with Councils in the region and kerbside recycling materials will continue to be accepted.”

Mr Dickens said his company would be working with business in the region to review their current recycling practices.

“It will be necessary to make changes to the way businesses recycle by separating materials into individual streams: cardboard, paper, aluminium, plastics and glass. This will increase the need for additional collection services, which will be more costly to deliver. These program changes will also be complex to implement, but will result in more solid waste being recycled in Geelong, which benefits local industry,” Mr Dickens said.

And, just in case you were looking for some inspiration to pretty up your commingle collection, these oil jar recycling bins (pictured above) were snapped in Egypt. Maybe leave the plastic liner off though ...

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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