Shortlist Shop 1st Birthday Celebration

Local retailer Shortlist Shop celebrated their 1st birthday in style on Friday night. VIP customers, fashion bloggers and local personalities gathered to show their support for the shop, run by owner and designer, Tracey van Ingen. Tucked just off bustling Pakington Street, Shortlist is a creative space where women come together to shop, to talk and to appreciate the beautiful range of artisan clothing and accessories on offer.

Margie Connoley  Jeanette Devon
Zoe Beer Suzie Veitch Emma Morgan Laura Van Noordenburg Caitlin Haddad
Zoe Beer  Emma Morgan 3
Julie Christy  Susana Lopes Snarey
Sam Whitton  Daughter Madeline
Theo Christy  Ray Christy
Patricia Van Ingen Tudor Skye Patel Tracey Van Ingen
Skye Patel Kristin Cosgrove Bree Sarah 1
Suzie Veitch  Tracey Van Ingen

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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