Coulter Roache Rebrand Launch

Coulter Roache celebrated the firm’s recent rebrand by hosting a launch event in the Western Beach Room on the Waterfront in November. Principals and lawyers gathered with clients to view the new brand identity featuring bold and contemporary colours that complement the commercial law firm they are today.

Photos by Jackie Paige Sanders

Darren Muir, Catherine Gillespie
Kevin Roache, Belinda Perisic
Peter Andrews, Liz Riordan, Jeremy Hallett
Mathew Hoare, Richard and Lino Bisinella
Peter Julian, Sarah and Martin Ried, Ian Farran
Mary Roache, Julie Hunter
Bronwen Charleson, Gareth Daniels
Alicia Carroll, Anne O'Loughlin, Sue Clark
Matt Lynch, Jacob Beard, Nic Redman
Tom Lynch, Ruth Arnett, Ben Te Wierk
Graham Hobbs, Ulrike Wurth, Paul Guinane
Kate Bibby, Nicolas Lord,  Nick Klein
Lisa Williamson, Julia Ladgrove
Tara Paatsch, Paul Washington, David Ramsay
Clinton Fraser, Bridgette Carey

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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