GWYL 2017 Grants

In 2016, $1.76 million of locally raised funds were put to work in the Geelong community through over 50 separate community groups. The Give Where You Live Foundation program dates back to 1954 and is targeting one of the most complex social issues in the community – disadvantage.

Each group funded belongs to one of the three target areas:

  1. Health & Wellbeing: To reduce the prevalence and effects of social exclusion and improve the availability of physical and mental health resources
  2. Live & Learn: To improve educational resources that increase individual’s understanding and skills to breach the gap of disadvantage
  3. Survive & Thrive: Advancing the level of economic security that individuals have available to them including food, shelter, pharmacy and household goods

These groups are important as they focus on the root causes of the disadvantage.

All funds for the grants program come from local fundraising, events and donations, and all of the funds go straight back to community organisations providing services here in Geelong.

The 2017 Grant Application process is set to open on Wednesday, March 1st and submissions will be accepted into one of the three categories: Community Grants, Capacity Building Grants, and Capitol Work & Equipment Grants.

To find out more about Public Information Sessions, Grant Eligibility, Program Areas and the Grant Categories please click here

Each year community members review the applications; and this year is no different. The Foundation is currently seeking members from all areas of the community to be a part of the 2017 Grant Review Panel. Each individual would review 3 to 5 applications and provide feedback on the applications.

Interested in joining the 2017 Grant Review Panel? Find out more here

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