SevenHugs Remote For Everything

Imagine your home with one single remote for everything.

Winner of the prestigious CES Unveiled Innovation – Smart Home category, Smart Remote allows users to instantly control tens of thousands of devices and eliminates the need to use other remotes and apps.

Sevenhugs’ patent-pending point and control technology enables Smart Remote’s screen to adapt automatically to any device. When you point at a device, Smart Remote instantly displays custom controls to operate that particular device. Smart Remote unifies the control of your connected home experience and works with more than 25,000 devices through WiFi, Bluetooth or Infrared, including Samsung Smart TVs, Philips Hue and LIFX smart bulbs, Sonos speakers, Nest Learning Thermostat and many more.

Using clever technology, Smart Remote is the first consumer product to combine motion tracking sensors and an indoor positioning system. It allows users to control their devices naturally and intuitively - simply by pointing at them. Smart Remote allows you to instantly access popular online services. Order an Uber ride by pointing Smart Remote at your front door or check the weather forecast by pointing at your window.

Smart Remote is currently available for pre-order on Indigogo InDemand in limited quantities at the discounted price of $US229 (retail price will be $US299.99).

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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