PCs Are Shrinking

Like laptops to notebooks to Ultrabooks, PC real estate is shrinking.

The tiny new ASUS VIVO Mini PC series aims at the home and office market, sporting a Zen-inspired spin metal effect finish and smooth, rounded corners. It’s an ultra-compact miniature PC capable of producing a 4K resolution thanks to the latest seventh-generation Kaby Lake Core processors from Intel. And it’s extremely small and lightweight, including VESA mounting on the back for sticking it under a desk or behind a monitor.

Asus provides you with its Business Manager suite of apps and functions to easily update apps, drivers and the BIOS. Businesses can customise the BIOS to load up their logo when booting the device, backup data, manage the power settings and set passwords to the USB ports. The mini PC also comes with two USB ports on the front to easily connect peripherals and storage devices.

Inside, there’s DDR4 system memory, dual-storage bay design, up to 1TB 2.5 inch HDD, up to 512GB SSD and, of course, Wi-Fi, as well as Asus-exclusive Media Streamer with prices starting at $569.

Available from PCI International, 88 Mercer St Geelong.

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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