Happy Healthy Dads

At Happy Healthy Dads we offer an exercise program that helps dads get back in shape. You’ll feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror, be able to run around with your kids without feeling exhausted, and maybe even reignite the spark with your partner. Not to mention you’ll sleep, move and feel better, and fight cardiovascular conditions such as Type II diabetes and coronary artery disease.

As a group of likeminded individuals with one common goal, you’ll be working out with men just like you in a totally comfortable and supportive environment. At a Happy Healthy dads session you’ll never feel like the odd one out like you might at the gym or some generic bootcamp.

Our sessions take place four times per week at Sparrow Park in Geelong West. Come to as many sessions as you can make, the choice is yours. For more information, head to www.happyhealthydads.com.au.

Website: www.happyhealthydads.com.au

Phone: 0435 554 422

Facebook: www.facebook.com/happyhealthydads

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