Caron Rounds and Stella Garcia believe in fostering a culture of positive behaviour within the workplace through conscious experience. Having established their relationship within the education sector, Stella’s leadership positions within the travel, marketing, printing and education industries provides extensive experience and knowledge in middle management through to executive level. Caron has been a consultant, practitioner and educator with over 25 years’ experience within the health, education and wellness industries.

Together, Stella and Caron use positive psychology principals, enabling staff to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing at work, as well as in their personal lives.

PEPWORKSHOPS promote wellbeing through assisting each employee to create a rewarding life filled with meaning, pleasure, engagement, positive relationships and accomplishment; delivering practical methods for cultivating a positive psychological mindset within work teams.

Our prevention-based workshops encourage empowerment, placing the responsibility back onto the individual for their experience in the workplace. Taking a strength based approach, shifting away from focusing upon what is wrong, we work on building upon individual strengths and what they do right.

Each Workshop is tailored towards each person’s strengths and organisational needs, developing skills to create a positive workplace culture that is supported by robust values.




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