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Husband and wife team, Jake and Rachel Pitman discovered a gap in the construction industry and have designed a unique range of services to fill it.

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We are a building consultancy firm dedicated to making builds better. Everything we do relates back to two simple words; Quality Assurance. Our expertise reduces stress, discrepancies, delays and variations, ensuring a successful project.

The business concept came about as a result of Jake’s parents going through the new build process to create their dream retirement home. Having never built before, they struggled with the maze of architects, builders, drawings, quotes, contracts and permits. Every aspect was overwhelming for them.

Typically our clients are building owners (individuals or companies), Architects, Developers and Builders in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Each project and client can vary greatly, the below services can be tailored as required:

  • Building Contract Reviews
  • Design Coordination
  • Site Inspections
  • Project Management Services

If there was one piece of advice we could offer anyone entering the building process, it is to be proactive! Don’t wait until there are issues, have your contractual documentation independently reviewed before you sign to reduce discrepancies and get your project off to the best possible start.

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