2017 Disability Awards


There is a lot to be said for ditching the 'dis' and focusing on the ability, and there were abundant examples of why we should for doing just that in Geelong this week.

The VALiD Having a Say conference has been on at Deakin University's Waterfront Campus and the Geelong Awards For People With A Disability were held on Tuesday in Wurdi Youang under the dome at the Geelong Library.

From special guest speaker Kelly Cartwright's stories about never apologising for who you are, and about setting world-beating goals and chasing them down, to the stories of the writers, performers, advocates and teachers recognised through the awards who used what makes them different to make a difference in the community, there was very real emotion in the room.

See more of the tears, the laughter and the excitement as the Geelong Awards For People With A Disability 2017 unfolded.

The Winners:

Simone Stevens - Volunteering and Employment
Annaliese Bishop - Sports and Recreation
Nicci Wall - Leadership and Advocacy
Ryan Schmidtke - Achievement
Michael Chan - Arts
Chloe Hayden - Young Achiever

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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