Kim Ledger Talks On Prescription Misuse

Kim Ledger, father of Heath Ledger and patron of ScriptWise will be presenting in Geelong on Saturday, 1 April on the need for greater awareness around prescription medications.

Misuse of prescription medication and overdose fatalities is a growing issue, and ScriptWise is working to turn around the alarming trend that saw an 87 per cent increase in the number of people dying in Australia between 2008 and 2014 as a result of misusing prescription opioids.

Heath Ledger lost his life to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in 2008 and was posthumously awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in The Dark Knight in 2009.

Kim and ScriptWise have campaigned tirelessly for more awareness and greater recognition of the issue and he is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s District Conference for the Rotary Clubs of Western Victoria, held at the Barrabool Hills Centre from 31 March – 1 April.

The event is opening its doors to the public this year, so that as many people as possible can hear Kim’s presentation, grab a cup of coffee and take a look at some of the work local Rotary clubs are involved in at the Rotary Expo.

Event Details:

Date:  Saturday 1st April

Time:  2pm

Address:  The Barrabool Hills Centre (4-32 Province Boulevarde, Highton)

Cost:  FREE

* Registration is essential for catering and seating. Register here

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