We Need Your Eyes


Give Where You Live has been giving back to the Geelong region for over 60 years with the aim to create long term sustainable change. The Foundation relies on implementing programs and providing grants to uphold this mission and to create the positive change that we seek.

In 2017, the GWYL Foundation is expecting to funnel $2 million dollars back into Geelong to improve disadvantage.

And while this is an increase from last year, the Foundation frequently receives grant applications that exceeds the total amount of funds and therefore a panel is needed to determine which areas and initiatives will benefit the community most.

This is why GWYL is asking community minded individuals from all walks of life to come on board with a seat on the Community Grant Review Panel. They are chasing a wide group of individuals from young people, to seniors, business people, to educators, to community service providers, to government employees, and stay at home mums. The diverse nature of this board ensures that there are representatives to speak out for the interests of all community groups and can allocate grants fairly.

As a part of this process you will be asked to submit opinions on 3-5 grant applications with a clear rating scale, which will all be covered in an Orientation session conducted in May, and you will also participate in a group Panel discussion which is a great opportunity to be exposed to new people and new skills.

If this interests you then register before April 7th, 2017 to take the next steps.

Jump online here and register your interest in being a grant reviewer for 2017 or contact GWYL on 03 5229 4364

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