Hannah Thiesz

The Administrator  | Property Owners

Hannah Thiesz holds down the front office at Property Owners. Hannah began her career in fine arts, striving to make a difference to people’s lives through thought provoking performances, creativity and humour. Her work nurtured her skills in communication, relationship-building and attention to detail, and built upon her strengths in critical thinking and identifying innovative opportunities. These skills and passions made her transition to Property Owners seamless, where she is able to make meaningful connections with members and partners, while contributing to local not-for-profits The Geelong Project and We All Rotate.

Hannah is keenly aware of the difficulties first home buyers face in Australia, and finds Property Owners’ demystifying process and financial savings valuable for people trying to achieve their property dreams. She sees Geelong as a perfect place to invest in property, with its friendly people, close community feel, conveniences and access to incredible beaches.

Hannah’s coffee order: skinny latte

Next holiday destination: Croatia

Ultimate dinner party guest: Helena Bonham Carter

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