Disgraced To Close GPAC Season


5 - 8 October

Race, religion and identity in America - these are some of the most contentious issues shaping debate in the United States today, but are they good choices for dinner party conversation? This is the premise of Ayad Akhtar's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama and this compelling piece of modern theatre presented by the Melbourne Theatre Company is the finale of the 2016 Deakin Theatre Season at GPAC.

Amir, played by Hazem Shammas has everything everyone is supposed to want in America today. He is about to make partner at is New York law firm, he lives in a spacious Upper East Side apartment with is beautiful artist wife Emily, played by Kat Stewart. The couple have invited a colleague of Amir and her husband over for a dinner party. Jory's husband, Isaac, is an art dealer, and both couples have many common interests. But the thing about conflict in America is that it's everywhere, and when some of the conversation turns to some of the sources of those conflicts, what should have been an enjoyable evening quickly deteriorates.

Chekhov observed that lives can be destroyed during an event as mundane as a dinner party, and Ayad Akhtar brings this observation on to the stage in intense and absorbing style.

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