Alexander Boynes and Mandy Martin - Blast (still) 2015

Climarte change?

As an independent charity, Climarte encourages an alliance of individuals in the arts sector to use art as a platform to inform engage and inspire action in others on climate change.

An important part in promoting their message is the ART + CLIMATE = CHANGE 2017 Festival. The Festival takes places in exhibition centres and galleries all around Australia, including in Geelong.

The Geelong Gallery will be home to Luminous Relic, a major collaboration by Mandy Martin and Alexander Boynes, with a score by Tristen Parr. The artwork is a moving image that, based on evaluation around industrial Geelong, examines the ongoing and cumulative effects of industry on landscapes, fragile ecosystems and human conditions.

If you are ever left wondering what your carbon footprint is doing to the earth then this is for you, and if you haven’t been thinking about it then it is also for you. Being aware of the impact each of us is making is the first step to understanding the need for us to change the way that we are living and working.

Visit the Geelong Gallery to witness what amazing things the artistic mind can achieve when there is a very worthy issue in focus.

Entry is FREE from Saturday 8th April until Sunday 9th July, 10am to 5pm each day at the Geelong Gallery, 55 Little Malop St, Geelong, VIC.

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