Dylan & Dracula

DYLANesque – The Bob Dylan Story

“Jeff Jenkins sounds uncannily like Bob Dylan; he’s a great interpreter and eerily similar. The show is fantastic.” - ABC Radio

Bob Dylan was just a young 19 year-old when he hitchhiked his way from Duluth, Minnesota to New York City with only his guitar and $10.

He went on to become one of the most successful writers of all time, was awarded the Noble Prize for literature in 2016, but it was his humble beginnings that shaped him and his music.

Jeff Jenkins, lead singer in DYLANesque, takes you through Bob Dylan’s story in a two-hour narrated rock show that goes through the relationships and the breakups, religious conversions, the dramatic scene when he ‘went electric’ at Newport Folk Festival in 1965, and how he went from playing solo to playing with The Band.

This tribute to Bob Dylan is a theatre piece is a musical and moving celebration of his life that will be performed at The Playhouse, GPAC, 50 Little Malop St, on the 17th June, 2017 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available now at GPAC. Click here for ticket information



When Bram Stoker released his gothic horror novel in 1897, the power of his writing was undeniable, but the story, well, that caused a stir of a different kind. A review published in the Manchester Guardian upon the book’s release wrote:

‘A writer who attempts in the nineteenth century to rehabilitate the ancient legends of the were-wolf and the vampire has set himself a formidable task. Most of the delightful old superstitions of the past have an unhappy way of appearing limp and sickly in the glare of a later day.’ (Source: The Guardian, review originally published 15 June 1897)

An entire novel filled with horrors? The reviewer suggests the enlightened readers of the time would turn away at the sheer scale of the absurdity… except that they didn’t, and they have returned, generation after generation, for 120 years.

Dracula continues to fascinate, and is swooping across the country in a gripping, critically-acclaimed shake & stir theatre co. adaptation and production. Australian Stage describes the show as, “…a thrilling adventure that drags you in to its dark world and doesn't let go until the final bolt of lightning strikes.” 

Dracula is set to descend on GPAC’s Playhouse stage 18-20 May. For information and tickets, visit gpac.org.au


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