The Popular Mechanicals

Lewd, rude and riotously funny, GPAC's 2017 Deakin University Theatre Season will come to a close with The Popular Mechanicals this October.

From the State Theatre Company of South Australia come Shakespeare’s greatest clowns - the rude mechanicals from A Midsummer Night’s Dream - take centre stage in this wild reimagining of what might have happened off-stage during the Bard’s most loved comedy.

The troupe is bumbling its way through rehearsals of Pyramus and Thisbe, somehow surviving the misadventures brought on by their own sheer idiocy. The result is a riotously funny mix of clowning, vaudeville, slapstick, farce, stand-up comedy and bad puppetry, with both witty badinage and fart jokes to create an anarchic and thrillingly unhinged carnival that revels in its own theatricality and rubber chickens.

First directed by Geoffrey Rush in 1987, The Popular Mechanicals holds a special place in the Australian comic theatre. Go on, have a laugh.

Monty Python eat your heart out; what a hoot this show is... I give it 5 rubber chooks out of 5. - Stage Whispers

The Popular Mechanicals will be in Geelong for five performances in the Drama Theatre, from October 11-14. Book at or phone the Box Office on 5225 1200. Tickets are $59 or less.

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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