Inspired by Nature 5

The Geelong School of Botanical Art, with the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens, is again celebrating the work of its students and tutors with Inspired by Nature 5.  This much anticipated biennial event in the Friends’ calendar is at art@wintergarden with 25 artists are exhibiting more than 50 artworks painted during the last two years.

The collection, preservation and presentation of rare and unusual plants, along with hands on gardening, are the accepted focus for Botanic Gardens. However, the exquisite world of botanical illustration forms an important role in many major Botanic Gardens. The preferred method of recording plant material is through illustration. The intimate story of a plant is complex and demands refined botanical knowledge combined with the imagination and skill of an artist to communicate the complete picture.

As in past exhibitions, the style and subject range of Inspired by Nature 5 will be incredibly diverse and presented in a variety of formats. Most of us do not realise it often takes two or three seasons for an artist to finish an individual work. The world of plants and flowers is transient – once a specimen is selected it must be analysed and sketched then translated onto paper for completion. In between collection and recording, the original flower may have wilted, its life cycle finished. The artist will often wait a full year before they can again work directly from a freshly picked specimen.

This is the fifth exhibition in the Inspired by Nature series, and the third season that it has been curated by Jill Shalless from art@wintergarden. Much of the plant material featured has been sourced from the Geelong Botanic Gardens; works will represent artists at many levels from highly skilled to beginner. For some, this will be their first exhibition. The Friends invite you to visit the gallery and join the artists on their wonderful botanical journey.

Official Opening: October 1, 3-5pm by Jason Smith Director Geelong Gallery

Floor Talk Saturday 14 October 3.00 - 4.00 pm with John Pastoriza-Pinol international and local artist and tutor

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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