Home Safe

There’s a revolution in home and business security. Gone are the days of false alarms and intruders that don’t get caught red handed. Wi-Fi, smart apps on phones and clever night vision cameras with pan and tilt have changed all that.

Introducing Cammy, the smart camera that works with your smart phone to make it all happen. Once it is set up, Cammy captures motion detected events only, saving you from searching through meaningless footage. All your footage is stored in the cloud for 30 days and is viewable from the app. Rest easy knowing that your alarm is always on when you're not home. No codes or keypads needed - the alarm automatically arms/disarms when you leave and re-enter home. Go about your day without worrying if your home is safe or not. Get an alert when your cameras detect a person. Guarantees no false alarms from pets, shadows, spiders or tree branches. You’re in complete, immediate control of what action to take. Whether that's disarming your alarm remotely for a visitor you recognise, or calling the police from the app if there is an intruder.

Because the Cammy has a two-way mic/speaker, pan or tilt your camera for a better view and tell the dog to get off the couch, remind the kids to do their homework or let an intruder know you’re watching.

Captured something funny the dog did? Share it on Facebook with your friends. Captured someone breaking into your home? Share it with the police.

There are outdoor and indoor models starting from $14.95 a month and can be purchased directly from https://www.cammy.com/au/

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