Ditch the DSLR

Lumix GH5

Heavy, bulky DSLR still hanging round your neck?

Time to ditch it and all those lenses and wise up to the new digital camera technology. I did last month and it’s liberating. All three DSLR bodies and six lenses sold on eBay, what a relief. So, what’s happened in the camera world to warrant such drastic measures?

An LCD screen replacing the bulky mirror mechanism and the combining of still and video photography, (albeit made popular by mobile phones), simply turned photography on its head. Whilst many just take photos with their phones, there are plenty who appreciate the zoom, quality and versatility that DSLR cameras provided. That is now all in the past with the acceptance of mirrorless higher end digital cameras that also feature 4K quality video shooting, all in a compact and light body. Mobiles, due to their slimness, tiny images sensors and lenses, cannot replicate the quality results of mirrorless cameras.

Leading the pack is the Panasonic Lumix range and here we will review three cameras that professionals and keen amateurs alike will be proud to carry. Panasonic invented the travel-zoom camera genre and pioneered 4k video for studio cameras, so it’s natural that the technology found its way into their pro-am range.

Lumix TZ110

Two of the compacts, the Lumix LX10 and the TZ110, both with Leica quality lenses, will fit in your pocket and are ideal for travelling. The Panasonic Lumix GH5 utilises the Micro four thirds lens mount system and is now the benchmark in mirrorless still and video photography. Professionals are now dumping their DSLRs in favor of the Lumix GH5.

Apart from aperture ranges, the main differences between the two compacts are that the Lumix LX10 has a tilt up/down rear screen and a 24mm – 72mm Leica zoom and the TZ110 has a fixed rear screen, viewfinder and a 25mm-250mm Leica zoom, so it will be about whether selfies and screen viewing from the front are more important than a significantly bigger zoom range. The Lumix GH5 ticks every box and still weighs in at 725 grams on your shoulder. Improvements on the GH4 include a 4mp resolution bump to 20mp, 225 focus points up from 49, sensor stabilization, 6K video with HDR and tethered shooting (plug in an extra LCD screen), menu joystick and twin SD cards for lots of memory.

Panasonic also has a ripper app that lets you control your camera remotely via Wi-Fi and it works a treat. The only decision you have left is – which one do I buy? For travelers who crave a compact, the Lumix LX10 or TZ110 are ideal.

If you are an uncompromising professional or keen amateur, the Lumix GH5 is for you.

Lumix LX10

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