Superb music with quiet comfort

Bose, synonymous with high quality audio, have released a pair of noise cancelling headphones that are simply a joy to use.

The QC35 II headphones have state-of-the-art noise cancellation, audio performance and up to 20 hours of battery life. The same controls remain on the right earcup – audio volume and the multi-function button for incoming calls and accessing Siri. And now, there’s a new Action Button on the left earcup to connect to your Google Assistant without having to grab your phone, unlock it and find the app.

Bose and Google worked together on the integration of Google Assistant to help you manage your music and get things done, like play a playlist or a favourite song by a favourite artist and add appointments to your Google calendar.

It can help you stay connected, from simple things like making a call, to notifying you about incoming messages, events and reminders and reading them back to you. And, it can answer questions and find information, so you can check a score, the latest headlines, whether your flight is on time and what movies are playing close by.

The QC35 II are available now at Bose dealerships for $499.

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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